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Farmer’s Copper Ltd. maintains an extensive inventory of bronze in plate, sheet, rod, bar, pipe, fittings, and flanges. Bronze alloys are well known for their resilience and fatigue endurance. Our inventory consists of C220, C510, C544, C614, C630, C642, C655, C675, C729, C863, C903, C932, C936, C954,C955, and C959. These alloys each possess certain qualities that make them top candidates for specific uses in various industries such as: strength, high corrosion resistance, and wearability are the most distinct traits.

To compliment our extensive inventory, we provide material cut to your specifications on our precision plate saws, shears, bar saws, and water jets. Holding tolerances as close as +/- .005”, we can eliminate unnecessary machining and time.

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. has been serving the metal industry since 1920 by putting customer satisfaction at the top of all goals. Currently bringing in the fourth generation, the Farmer family has always been committed to serving you and your company. Please contact us today and let one of our experienced sales teams assist your with your bronze metal needs. For emergency orders, call 409-765-9003.


Commercial Bronze
Phosphor Bronze
Aluminum Bronze
Nickel Aluminum Bronze
Aluminum Silicon Bronze
Silicon Bronze
Manganese Bronze
Tin Bronze
Leaded-Tin Bronze
High Leaded-Tin Bronze
ToughMet Nickel Bronze

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