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Farmer’s Copper Ltd. inventories Muntz C28000 in both plate and sheet. Muntz metal has a number of important qualities; one of the most valued of these is its color (often known as yellow metal). A form of alpha-beta brass, Muntz is commonly used as an architectural metal in sheet and specific shapes as well as corrosion-resistant machine parts. Muntz Metal is comprised of 60% copper and 40% zinc with a few traces of iron. Due to the structure of Muntz metal, it is stronger, harder, and more rigid than other forms of brass. At red heat, Copper Alloy C280 is extremely plastic and very well suited to hot forging, pressing, and stamping. The alloy is readily soldered and brazed.

C28000 Muntz Metal Applications

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Chemical Composition
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ASME Standard Designation for C28000: ASME B36

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